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Application Form-2011

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About us
Foundation ceremony of "Kilkari", Bihar Bal Bhavan

As we all know that children are curious by nature, they get extreme pleasure when they are in an environment where they are free to express their views, and are encouraged to participate in activities that help discover their creative skills. This way they can know themselves better and enhance their creative skills. This is the platform that is needed to enhance the creative skills of children and it has been our sincere effort to provide this platform to children. We create opportunity to enhance the creative skills of children thorough workshops, camps, competitions, drama and other extracurricular activities. We feel every child is special and they possess a unique quality, we work to identity them and develop them in the most efficient manner.

We work for complete personal development of children through free joyful and creative environment where children can discover their hidden talents and creativity.

We feel that extracurricular activity is the key to unlocking the potential of children. Hence 100% of our resource goes toward it.

Due to the phenomenal success that we have achieved in our mission, we are expanding rapidly to reach every corner of the state to help more and more children.

We work without any discrimination based on gender, caste, religion, political affiliation or language.